Forest County


ATVing is a growing sport in Forest County.  Currently we have 3 trails.  Information on these trails can be found at the links below.  Some townships have some of their town roads open as ATV routes.  A town road is only an ATV route if marked with a green and white route sign.  Please contact Town Clerks for questions on ATV routes. It is your responsibility as a rider to know the laws, both State and County. Please be sure to read the Forest County Ordinance for Snowmobiles and ATVs and visit the WDNR website for ATVs.


New in 2012 - Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) are legal to ride on ATV trails and routes in Forest county.  Both ATVs and UTVs  have to display a license plate with the registration numbers as required by the Wisconsin DNR.  More information  on the license plates and other ATV/UTV changes can be found here

The grading of the WRST and NST will be complete by Saturday June 16th!!

Have fun and be safe out there!!!

ATV/UTV Trails