Forest County

Forest County


Trail Description


These trails are secondary logging roads which have been seeded with white clover to provide a food source for various species of wildlife.  The trails are mowed once a year by the Forestry department with financial assistance from the Department of Natural Resources, which makes it an excellent trail for hikers, hunters, skiers and mountain bikers.  NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES ALLOWED


Otter Springs Trail


Located about 3 miles east of Crandon on highway 8 and then north on Otter Creek Rd. is the trail head for the Otter Springs Ski Trail.  The trail is located on a large area of hardwood forest with a scenic view of Otter Springs and Bug Lake.  The trail is 8 miles in total length.  The beginners’ trail is about .75 miles long located near the graveled parking area.  The intermediate trails are hilly and more challenging.  The second trail is 1.25 miles in length, and the third trail is 3 miles in length with hills and curves.  The trails are well marked and groomed.  A  shelter is located between the two intermediate trails.  The WCC crew that worked for the Forest County Forestry Department constructed the shelter out of cedar logs form an adjacent cedar stand.  The  shelter was constructed to provide a rest and picnic area for all recreationists while making their way through the forest.  The shelter  is equipped with benches and has an area provided for a small fire.  Skiers, hikers, hunters, picnickers, mountain bikers, and all outdoor enthusiasts are welcome to use the trail.


Hemlock Lake Trail


South of Crandon about 6 miles on County Highway W then west on Hemlock Lake Rd. is the Hemlock Lake Ski Trail.  The Trail is located within 160 acres of forested land, mostly hardwood.  The trail is 2 miles in total length with rolling and advanced terrain.  A graveled parking area is available but no other services are provided.  The first loop is 1.25 miles in length.  It is the advanced trail and has more aggressive, hilly terrain.  The second loop is more of a beginner/intermediate trail.  The terrain here is more gentle and rolling.


More Hiking trails available from Nicolet National Forest.  Please see Hiking Trails Location map for more trails.

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