Forest County

Forest County




There are two (2) designated equestrian trails in Forest County.  The County Forestry and Parks Department maintains one, Otter Springs Recreation Area, and the USDA Forest Service maintains the other, Bailey Lake Equestrian Trail.  Outside of these two marked trails there are many miles of old logging roads that can be for equestrian use.  The Forestry and Parks Department provides maps of their road systems as Hunter Walking Trails.  


Otter Springs Trail


Located about 3 miles east of Crandon on highway 8 and then north on Otter Creek Rd. is the trail head for the Otter Springs Recreation Area.  The Parking area has a pull-thru setup for trailers. 


The trail is located on a large area of hardwood forest with a scenic view of Otter Springs and Bug Lake.  The trail is 8 miles in total length.  The beginners’ trail is about .75 miles long located near the graveled parking area.  The intermediate trails are hilly and more challenging.  The second trail is 1.25 miles in length, and the third trail is 3 miles in length with hills and curves.  The trails are well marked and mowed when needed.  A  shelter is located between the two intermediate trails.  The WCC crew that worked for the Forest County Forestry Department constructed the shelter out of cedar logs form an adjacent cedar stand.  The  shelter was constructed to provide a rest and picnic area for all recreationists while making their way through the forest.  The shelter  is equipped with benches, a picnic table and has an area provided for a small fire.  Skiers, hikers, hunters, picnickers, mountain bikers, and all outdoor enthusiasts are welcome to use the trail too.


Bailey Lake Equestrian Trail


Enjoy this trail from high in the saddle.  Take your horse on a slow trot through a tall, red pine forest over what was once a logging road and railroad grade at the turn of the century.  Early loggers used a combination of horse drawn sleds and trains to haul timber from the woods.  Once the snow falls, parts of this trail are used as a snowmobile route.


More equestrian trails available from Nicolet National Forest.

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