Forest County

Public ATV Trail

Forest County


Welcome to the Forest County Public All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Trail!!†† This trail system is entirely on land owned by Forest County and is open from May 1st until the official close of the snowmobile trails.† The trails are maintained by the Forest County Forestry Department which can be reached at 715-478-3475.



The Trail

The Forest County Public ATV Trail is a two-way trail.† It is located on old logging roads which are also open to dirt bikes, snowmobiles, hikers, bikers, skiers, and many other recreationists.† Please use caution and appropriate speed.† Follow brown ATV trail marker signs.† This trail is in an area containing many dead-end woods trails that are not on the map, so be aware of your location.† Please use discretion in wet weather to avoid erosion and tree damage.


Off Trail Regulations

The Forest County Forestry Department ordinance 05-2009 does not allow ATV use on any gated hunter walking trails except in designated areas.† State law prohibits use on any town or county road unless it has been signed and designated as an ATV route. Driving beyond the borders of the ATV area onto private land is ILLEAGAL and may result in permanent trail closure and fines.† Please respect the rights of the neighboring land owners. Use of this trail is a privilege, not a right!


ATVís are not recognized as a licensed motor vehicle and as such shall not be operated on any town and county roads, state highways or on road right-of-ways unless identified as an ATV route.† You can check with individual townships to see if ATVs are allowed on their town roads.†



A parking area is also available.† No other services are available at the trail.



Please respect the forest.† Donít litter, damage trees, or harass wildlife.† Your ATV registration fees have enabled this trail to be developed and maintained.† If you encounter a trail hazard report it immediately to the Forest County

Forestry Department.† A county-wide recreation map and various other maps are available from the above office.† We hope you enjoy the trails.