Forest County

Forest County

The County Forest Program is governed by County Forest Law, state statute 28.10 & 28.11, which requires they be managed for forestry purposes including multiple uses such as recreation, wildlife habitat, and watershed protection.


Forest County uses sustainable forestry practices to manage their 14,876 acres of County Forest. Our Forest is divided into 25 compartments with each compartment containing different stands based on timber type and age, of which there are over 730 stands. Each stand is evaluated on a rotational schedule to determine if or when it should be harvested. Most stands are managed for uneven-aged timber but, some are managed for even-aged.


Every year the County puts out a notice to bid on County Timber Sales. On average we sell 300-350 acres of uneven-aged timber and 50-70 acres of even-aged timber. The average annual revenue generated by these sales is $185,488.91. This revenue is divvied up to local municipalities with County Forest in their township, the State of Wisconsin, and the rest remains in the county to directly offset budgets and provide some relief to the taxpayers.

Timber Sale Bid Results

Timber Management