Forest County

Forest County

When the snow falls and the snowmobile trails open, that doesn’t mean the ATV/UTVs (ATV) need to be put away.  Forest County allows ATVs winter riding on some trails.  The Nicolet State Trail, Wolf River State Trail, and the Forest County Public ATV Trail are all open to ATVs/UTVs in the winter.


The Nicolet and Wolf River State Trails are both active snowmobile trails, groomed and maintained by local snowmobile clubs.  ATVs can ride the trails with no temperature restrictions.  These trails are closed for ATV riding when the snowmobile trails close until posted open again, so they can be used during deer season.  Please be courteous to the snowmobile users and trail groomers and ride with caution.


The Forest County Public ATV Trail can be used for ATV riding but, it is not groomed.  A portion is used as snowmobile trail but ATVs are not allowed beyond the designated ATV trail system.  Signs indicating No ATVs  are posted at these locations.


ATVS are not allowed on any other snowmobile trails in Forest County.  Trails leading off of the Nicolet and Wolf River State Trails are illegal for ATV riding. It is your responsibility to know the trail limits.  For more information on ATV trails in Forest County please visit our ATV page.  A map is available with these ATV trails and all the routes on it.  The map is produced by the Forest County ATV Association and are available from the Forestry & Parks office.


The Town of Wabeno roads are closed to winter ATV use per Town Ordinance 615-2010

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