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Lakes Key

Max Depth
Mean Depth
Public Access
Lake Map
Lake Type
Northern Pike
LM Bass
SM Bass
Exotic Species
Howell Lake (Silver) 177 16 12 N Y SP N C P C N A N N N N
Indian Camp Lake 10 35 N/A N N SE N N N C N C N N N N
Indian Lake 9 19 N/A N Y DG N P N P N C N N N N
Indian Springs (Riley Springs)
5 3 N/A N N SP N N N N N A C N N N
Johnson Spring T35N R15E S25
4 27 N/A N N SP N N N N N N P N N N
Johnson Springs T36N R14E S20 4 5 N/A N N SP N N N N N N P N N N
Julia Lake 392 45 18 Y Y DG C P P P P P N N N N
Jungle Lake
182 14 7 N Y DG N C C C N C N N N N
Kaine Lake
45 4 N/A N Y DG N P N N N A P N N N



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